Something Awesome Here About It...
In 40 days Biblical Miracles took place.
Now it's time for one of your own.

Do you want to more easily show up as your best self, be calm instead of anxious,
and be a strong support to others? 

  • Are you struggling to have faith instead of fear?
  • Are you frustrated with your progress in your goals and relationships?
  • Are you worried it'll take too much time or resources to figure out how to have greater clarity so you can move forward in your life purpose?
I know it sounds crazy because you're probably thinking all of this "meditation stuff" sounds so foreign to church culture...

...And I don't know that I have the time or ability to be consistent.

And with all that going on in your head, no wonder trying to have peace and clarity seems like a struggle at this point.

I Know Exactly How You Feel

Because I Went Through The Same Struggles You're Going Though Right Now...

I felt the same way for years...

Reading all these books, taking courses, and trying all these different strategies...

And trying to figure it all out on my own.

But nothing was working consistently. 
I felt like I was on a roller coaster, and it was so stressful…

But then I found the secret to clarity and feeling calm...
The secret to being proactive instead of reactive, 
The secret to loving my myself and God...

And it totally changed my life forever!

So right now, I’m going to share with you EXACTLY how

YOU Really Can Meditate

AND have it fit beautifully into your personal prayers...

and most importantly, get results.

Results like:
  • Reduced anxiety.
  • Better sleep.
  • Increased willpower.
  • Improved relationships.
  • Greater peace.
  • Closer connection to God.
  • Increased self acceptance and love.
  • Increased personal revelation.
So you can effectively live life as the best version of yourself, and do what you were meant to do on this earth...

In as little as 5 minutes a day...without any experience whatsoever!

Now at this point you might be asking...

Who Am I

To Teach You How To Meditate?

I’m Brooke Snow. And I'm the creator of the Christ-Centered Meditation 40 Day Challenge.
I'm also the author of the best-selling book, "Living In Your True Identity", and a certified Optimize coach helping people learn how to be consistent in holistic habits.

The "Christ-Centered Meditation 40 Day Challenge" makes it easy for you to meditate and adapt this practice into your personal prayers. 

This approach makes it possible to

Marry together your personal prayer practice with meditation into one powerful experience.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

"But Brooke, I’ve tried meditation before and it didn’t work for me..."


"I just don't know where to start."


"Meditation sounds really boring. I can't empty my mind or sit still!"


"I just want to reduce my anxiety and feel calm so I can show up to support my family right NOW. Is that too much to ask?"

Well, the tricky thing is, you’ve been told that meditating is all about emptying the mind, right?

Perhaps it conjures images of monks in robes and sitting on a cushion being still and thinking about nothing for a really long time.

So right now, I’m going to share with you something that will fix ALL of that!

Here's The Meditation Solution You've Been Waiting For

It’s a simple and PROVEN meditation approach I created that takes you from traditional prayer to POWERFUL MEDITATIVE PRAYER. 
It takes you from anxiety to peace. 
It takes you from fear to faith. 
It takes you from feeling God is distant to intimately knowing He is present.

In just 40 Days!

It's Called

And it was specifically created for the faithful follower of Jesus Christ, just like you.

In fact, The 40 Day Challenge is SO effective that the reaction from brand new meditators is humbling, to say the least.

But don't just take my word for it.

Check Out What Others Are Saying About This Course...

"I got so much more than I was expecting...

Finding this course was a tender mercy in my life. As an anxious person, I was looking for new things to try to help me relax and feel peace. What's amazing is that I got so much more than I was expecting. The way Brooke uses gospel principles and scriptures to support each of her lessons helped me make connections I hadn't thought about before. She helped me see Christ in a new way and taught me how to INCLUDE Him in my life in simple but powerful ways." 

"The world has completely turned upside down during my 40 days and this resource has absolutely saved me.

I started Brooke Snow's meditation course excited to learn some skills about how to quiet my mind and practice some stillness. Not really knowing much about meditation beyond my favorite 5 minutes of corpse pose at the end of yoga class. What I did not expect though was the completely transformative experience that unfolded over the following 40 days. From the first instructional video to the last I felt like I was being personally mentored through this life changing process. Each week building upon true principles while allowing time and space for my connection to heaven to grow. I never missed one day throughout the course and I don't plan on skipping out on my time for contemplative stillness for the rest of my life. This is absolutely a life changing course and I will love Brooke Snow forever for teaching me how to get to know me. 

I was the person that said "I can't mediate. It's not for me." Brooke not only taught me about the huge healing benefits but also different ways of meditating that has made me CRAVE doing it. 

It's a part of my every day spiritual practice and I am forever grateful for her and her ability to teach this in a way that makes so much sense and makes it so doable. "

"The first time I took the Christian Meditation course I jumped in thinking it would be a new practice that would benefit me. It definitely did, but it wasn't until I did it a second time that it truly changed my life. 

The second time I took it, I did so prayerfully, asking Heavenly Father if this was something that I should completely adopt in my life. It was interesting, and no coincidence, that through my scripture study, personal trials, temple attendance, sacrament meeting experience, and family life I was taught truths that supported what Brooke teaches in the course. I found that what she taught was consistent to gospel truths I was already trying to integrate in my life. To say that meditation has changed my life would be a huge understatement. Not only am I more calm, patient, and accepting of myself and others but my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ has become more personal, tender, and real. I use to struggle with being sincere in prayer, now, my day is a constant conversation with the Lord. My heart is changing, I see His hand in my day more clearly, my mind is clear and active, I am a little more patient and a little more gentle. I know that the truths taught in this course can change your relationship with yourself, God, and your family as you approach it with a sincere heart. Even while the world is chaos, you can live in peace, love, and faith. 

"Life-changing! I feel like I was finally handed some tools to help me learn how to pray with power..."

I’ve practiced meditation in various forms in the past, but it was so powerful to learn how to let Christ into this practice.

"It was just what I was looking for! It showed me how to center myself and connect with God in a way I'd been longing for.

I'd tried a little meditation before, usually after a good yoga class, but it only focusing on breath, which was nice but not life-changing. I'd heard about people using mantras in meditation but felt unsure how to implement that myself. After listening to Brooke's podcast I decided to give her meditation course a try.  It was just what I was looking for! It showed me how to center myself and connect with God in a way I'd been longing for. I now have the tools to customize my meditation to my needs. When I take the time to be still and connect in this way I am a happier, more attentive parent, I have greater control over my emotions, and I'm more focused on the things that really matter to me.

"Meditation has literally changed my soul. My whole life I have wanted to be better at prayer, and to have a more intimate and real relationship with God. I had no idea what I was missing out on until I started doing meditation. 

My whole heart and mind has changed about who Christ is, who Heavenly Father is, and who I am. My confidence has been strengthened, my faith has increased, my ability to act has increased, my spiritual knowledge has increased, my understanding of the Gospel principles of repentance, the love of Christ for me and for everyone, has expanded. I feel enlivened in a way I have never felt before. Every single day, I don't want to miss my chance meditate."

Isn't that amazing?

These are people who were in the exact same boat as you...

They had very little if any experience whatsoever.

In fact, most of them didn't even know where to start or how to begin!

And then once they learned how to turn their personal prayers into a meditation...

It changed their life for good!

So, now it's YOUR turn. Are you ready to get started?

Let's Go Over Everything You Receive With The Christian Meditation 40 Day Challenge Course

Each week for 40 Days, you'll receive a video lesson where I teach a meditation principle to practice for the week.
All lessons are also included as audio files for easy listening on the go.
Enhance your meditation experience with music!
I share my favorite music tracks and include them for easy access.
Meditation doesn't always have to be silent.

Meditation is a new habit, and I want you to be successful!
So much so, that I gift each student with a FREE BUDDY PASS.
The Buddy Pass allows you to invite one friend or family member to join you in the course for free. Together you help keep each other accountable and two people end up with a new empowering practice rather than just one!

*Details for the buddy pass are emailed after registration is complete. 


"The buddy pass was awesome! It created an immediate way to share the amazing new meditation experience with someone.

It has connected us on a deeper level and we continue to share new insights long after completing the original 40 day course. Thank you so much for creating this life-changing course!

"The true miracle was watching my husband find a true acceptance for himself..."

He has struggled with self-love his whole life. From barely being able to tell himself he loved and accepted himself, to watching him finally start to believe it. What an amazing experience this was to share with him.
- Jill 

"I love that Brooke included meditating with a friend. This is what helped me develop the habit of daily meditation. 

I knew my friend would text me and I wanted to be able to text her back that I too had completed my goal. Still to this day we share a love of mediation and what Brooke's program taught us.

"I had just gotten home from my mission and all the adjustment that went into it when my mom suggested we try this meditation practice...

About two weeks into it, I had a really really stressful day at work and came home crying uncontrollably, just full of anxiety and stress. I knew as soon as these emotions started bubbling up inside of me that I needed to get them in control. I went to my room, and started meditating. It took a little while to calm down, but eventually I did. Without this meditation practice, I would have a lot harder time dealing with the everyday stresses and worries. It showed me that meditation is not scary or something weird that bald men in robes do. If there is anyone out there that wants to get into meditation and mindfulness, I highly recommend this program!

"I completed the 40 day challenge with my sweet Mom as my buddy partner. We both LOVED this course and it was extra special doing it with my Mom.

This course has been a game changer in my life as one who struggles with severe anxiety, depression and OCD. The 40 day challenge was heaven sent and such a tender mercy in it's timing. The principles of love, acceptance and forgiveness have been key in my continued healing. Thanks Brooke, from the very bottom of my OPEN heart!
Christian Meditation is Guaranteed
I'm certain that your experience in Christian Meditation 40 Day Challenge will change your life and I invite you to fully participate to experience this transformation. If you find this isn't the course for you, return it in 30 days, no questions asked.

Everything You Receive Today With
The Christ-Centered 40 Day Meditation Challenge:

  • 6 Weeks (40 Days) of Video Lessons.
  • Audio files of every lesson.
  • 2 Q&A call recordings that answer the most common questions.
  • Meditation Music Resources
  • Ongoing email support for all your questions
  • FREE BUDDY PASS to invite a friend to join you in the course!
  • 30 Day Money back Guarantee. Buy risk free!

This course is currently not available to purchase. I am releasing an app and will share more about available options soon!
Please email with any questions or concerns! 

    Now, I know that some of you are thinking...

    "But Brooke, I'm really busy. I don't have time to learn how to meditate."

    This course was intentionally designed for the busy person. It's customized for people who have little time or experience.

    Success Loves Action. And if you’re willing to do what it takes NOW, I promise you you’ll be in a very different place in 40 Days than where you are now.

    If you follow what I show you, you’ll find peace, power, connection, and clarity.

    Just imagine where you'll be in your life 40 days from now...

    No more waiting, no more hoping or wishing how it’s going to happen.

    And that’s because I show you how... every step of the way. 

    I make it super simple, doable, and empowering.

    I'm here to support you in every way.

    This course is currently not available to purchase. I am releasing an app and will share more about available options soon! Please email with any questions or concerns! 



    I have felt an outpouring of personal revelation. I feel closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior and definitely more connected to Them. 

    Meditation has changed the way I pray, the way I express gratitude, and the way I ask for help and blessings. I’m planning to repeat the 40 days so that I can keep getting better at this practice!" 

    I’m so grateful I took this meditation course. I have now kept up a streak of over 140 days of daily meditation and it’s become an essential part of my morning routine. A few months after beginning my meditation journey, my husband filed for divorce and my life was turned upside down.  

    Daily meditation has definitely helped me through this difficult trial, and I have experienced many benefits of increased stillness and a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father. Thank you, Brooke!

    "What surprised me the most is falling asleep! Being able to shut down my brain from all of the things it thinks about as I lie in bed at night in the dark. 

    Being able to have a mantra “Christ is the Breathe Of Life” has allowed me to fall asleep and stop all of my worrying, anxiousness or to do lists. I wake up often to nurse my baby in the middle of the night and this mantra helps me fall right back to sleep in peace.

    "My ability to feel the spirit on the regular throughout the day has improved immensely.

    When I start and end my day with meditation I'm more keenly aware throughout the entire day of it's presence, influence and direction."

    "Sometimes you just need a guide. As much as I’d dabbled with meditation, this course is what helped it become integrated into daily life.  


    "I learned so much from the course (with my husband looking over my shoulder as I watched the videos)! It has greatly affected both of us—so much so, that we have incorporated meditation into our everyday schedule.

    And I mean every day! It has become a time for gratitude, reflection, focus, and just simply calming my very active mind. Since finishing the course, we’ve tried other meditation apps & guidance programs, but we always find ourselves returning to the great ideas we learned from Brooke’s course. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about the basics, and to the most advanced meditator, who simply wants to deepen their relationship with the Savior. Thank you, Brooke! 

    " Meditation has been an important practice in my life for 30 years.  When I learned of Brooke's 40-day meditation course, I immediately enrolled and shared the course with a friend.

    The Christ-centered meditation lessons have been a delightful addition to my practice and have given me many gospel truths to ponder, seek greater understanding of & apply more intentionally in my life. (My friend had never meditated before this course. Now, it is part of her daily self-care routine.)"

    "I have learned to accept myself and let go of the image that it all had to be implemented perfectly.   

    Taking just about 10 minutes a day to create my day in Him and know He loves and accepts me as I am has helped keep me grounded.   

    The “I love and accept you” meditation has been such a blessing. 

    I struggle with self-esteem. I am a perfectionist and I had a mental breakdown last March because I didn’t feel worthy. I felt I was a failure. I have more peace in my day as I turn to this meditation and picture my Savior saying those words to me.

    One of the challenges I faced before meditation was my false view of God that He was somehow disappointed in me. Or that I never measured up. Through consistent habit of meditating, I was able to have some profound experiences that let me know that God sees me and loves me. I'm so grateful for this course! 


    "This course was a game changer for me! My anxiety and stress levels have reduced significantly..."

    I loved having my sister as an accountability partner! We kept each other going. I have wanted to do meditation for years and this was the perfect program to get me started!

    "Two of my kids have had strokes. It has changed their lives and my life. 

    After my youngest daughter had a stroke I was overcome by anger towards God, and paralyzing anxiety. When my friend invited me to do the 40 day meditation challenge with her it opened the door for hope to seep back into my life. I slowly began to talk to God through quiet meditation and to see the good and feel peace." 

    "Being a child of the 60s, my first hurdle was learning meditation equals more meaningful prayer...

    I was guilty of the fear vs. faith approach to praying. I learned NOT to pray for a specific blessing (like safety) because if I didn't something bad would happen. There was something empowering when I gave up my list and prayed by inspiration." 

    "The greatest benefit I have experienced from meditation is spending time each morning really feeling peace and taking time to recognize what peace feels like. 

    Once I recognize what that peace feels like to me I am able to notice when I don't have it during the day and quickly remedy the situation. I feel this has helped me to "always have His spirit to be with me." 

    "This course helped me start a habit that I still do today so many months later...

     I feel so much closer to my Father in Heaven and feel more deeply the support Jesus offers me. I am able to discern and feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost so much more because of my daily meditations!" 

    "After many attempts to beginning my own meditation practice, this class was just the thing I needed to begin practicing meditation on my own."

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