Are you fully showing up in your life?
Do you lack consistency in powerful daily habits?

Do you get distracted by other people's needs and expectations?

Do you consume more information than you implement?

Do you struggle with self doubt and feeling enough?

Do you need more clarity on your life mission and purpose?

Do you feel prepared to use your gifts if called upon right now?
"Brooke has such a way of putting things into words and action steps
without an ounce of overwhelm. She makes me feel like I can be 
100% successful at achieving the eternal perspective and my true potential." 
Cami Graham
Mastering the Art of Showing Up
The true you knows she is enough, takes care of herself, and lives her potential.
Work daily on the right things. Things that build you, build others, and build the world.
Consistency in the small stuff over time compounds into epic results.
Is mentoring the same as life coaching?
In general, life coaching focuses mostly on mindset. While this is an important piece to your progress, on it's own it is incomplete. I can try really hard to choose the right mindset, but if I'm not supporting my physical body and my spirit with good habits, mindset will feel far more difficult. This program is holistic in nature, giving balanced attention to habits of the body, spirit, and mind. When all three are supported you move forward with greater ease.
Align your identity with the right habits
and achievement is inevitable.
As the author of "Living In Your True Identity", and a certified Optimize coach, I mentor individuals in creating an identity supported by holistic habits.  

Some of the habits we work on building include a masterful morning and evening routine, boundaries around technology and work, eating healthy, moving your body, getting enough quality sleep, having presence, changing your thoughts, consistent progress in your personal goals, managing your energy, increasing personal revelation, prosperity, and being your best self. 

But perhaps most importantly...we learn to do these things without the overwhelm, guilt, or shame. What would happen to your life if you had all these supportive habits and it was loving, forgiving, compassionate, and sustainable? 


Because building lasting habits and identity takes time, this is a 10 month program. You will learn the power of small and simple things that compound into something great. Every lesson builds upon itself and leads you through a gentle process that is empowering and sustainable with full support along the way.

You will have 3 calls a month with Brooke to learn how to take the theory of what you learn and practice it in your own circumstances.  You also have Brooke's team led online community for connecting with others in the program and being guided and coached through the week. 
"My mind has been blown away. I have learned tools that have allowed me to include Christ so much more in my day to day. I am beginning to see myself the way God sees me and what my individual purpose is here on this earth." 
Alison Frogget

Karen LaCouture

"Mastering The Art of Showing Up is a brilliant combination of the best in self help fitted well into the parameters of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have always been a self help junkie, but this - THIS is what I have been yearning for! Brooke has been taking me on a journey that has truly changed me. At 62 years old, I wasn’t sure it was possible. By doing what she teaches in her lessons consistently, I am discovering that I AM changing in important ways. I have come to love and accept myself and to really feel the love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ like I never have before."

Whitney Thomas

If you have listened to Brooke’s podcast, read her book, or taken one of her courses, you know she has a gift to teach. She takes concepts you have heard secularly for years and clearly connects them with gospel truths so your eyes are open as to why these principles work. The greatest gift I’ve received through Brooke’s program has been the way I see myself. False life long scripts and tightly woven patterns have slowly begun to loosen and change while being replaced with truth about who I am. My agency has increased, as has my hope. 

Marci Buttars

Before I started this course there was rarely a day that went by that I wouldn't remind myself of how much I was failing in so many things. "You're a bad mom, you're a bad wife, you will never be enough . . ." Day after day I told myself these stories not realizing the greatness that I actually possessed. Mastering the Art of Showing Up has been one of the most life-changing things I've ever done. Brooke Snow's course pulled me out of my hole of lies and gave me hope that I haven't felt in a long time. With her very simple and loving methods, I have changed my language, realized my life purpose, and sincerely look forward to every day as another chance to work on my goals.  

Shanna Wheeler

I have been a perennial seeker of enlightenment and self-discovery. I’ve read book after book, attended conferences, listened to speakers and practiced meditation sporadically but never found “the answer” to wholeness. Mastering the Art of Showing Up called to me and I’m so grateful that I answered the call. The contents of the course taught me how to stop frantically searching and put into practice eternal principles to bring peace to a weary soul. 

Crystal Delatore

Brooke’s mentoring program has given me the hope that I didn’t even know I needed. I am a recovering perfectionist who is easily overwhelmed by the gap that exists between where I am now and where I would like to be. There is always so much to improve! Brooke masterfully teaches how to start where you are at and move forward line upon line, all while enjoying the journey of personal development.  I am so grateful for her and this program! Well worth every (compounding) penny!
"The things I've learned have benefited my entire family, which is something I didn't see coming. I've been able to teach my kids skills that have greatly transformed their lives as well. I will be forever grateful."
Marci Buttars
"The things I've learned have benefited my entire family, which is something I didn't see coming. I've been able to teach my kids skills that have greatly transformed their lives as well. I will be forever grateful."
Marci Buttars

Success Stories

"From Surviving To Thriving"

During the program, Cami's family moved into a small RV (with 4 kids-- during summer break!) and started building a home doing most of the work themselves. This situation would challenge the best of us, and likely be a reason to hold off on joining a mentoring program. We need to wait until life is more calm or the current storm passes right? That's not what Cami did. Find out how she went from telling herself to "just survive" to looking back and seeing how she "thrived".

"This Program Teaches You How to Fail"

Wait, what? Listen in on Michelle's story and you can probably relate to the experience of making progress in your life but getting knocked down due to life's inevitable challenges.  Many of us struggle to get back on track or "in the groove" again.  Listen in on how she learned how to "fail" in ways that kept her moving forward.
What's My Investment?
How much is your lack of consistency already costing you? How much slower is your progress right now from lacking the habits that lead to growth and achievement? What is self doubt and lack of clarity preventing you from doing, creating, or becoming? Not fully showing up may already be costing you a great deal.

I'm certain that your experience in Mastering The Art of Showing Up will change your life and I invite you to fully participate to experience this transformation. If you find this isn't the program for you, return it in 30 days for a full refund or cancel at any time in the ten month program.
It's Time To Master The Art of Showing Up
3 new audio classes/month: Value $300
3 group mentoring calls with Brooke/month: Value $750
Team led online community support: $700

Total Value: $1750/Month 
X 10 Months= $17,500


Ebook copy of my book, Living In Your True Identity: Value $15
Prayer Journaling Course: Value $99
Miracle Morning Course: Value $99
4 Guided Meditations: Value $80

Total Value: $17,793
Payment plan
Billed monthly for 10 months

    Candi Kidd

    Recently my family was blinded sided with some devastating news regarding one of my little boys health. Immediately, I felt a cloud of despair envelope me, and I felt like I was about to dive head first into the inevitable downward spiral that often goes along with such news. The night we were told the news I threw myself on the couch with the intention of spending hours numbing my mind with instagram, YouTube and junk food. I knew it would make things worse the next day but I felt justified in shutting down and leaning into my despair for the road that would lay ahead of us. 

    But then out of nowhere, my mind thought of Brooke Snow sharing that when times are tough it’s when we need to stick to our small daily habits the most. I could hear her encouraging voice in my mind and I pictured the love that emanates from her as I recalled the different lessons she has taught me about “Showing Up” and I did something I would have NEVER done before her course.. I got off the couch and went to bed. I showed up for myself and the next day I had a clear enough mind to show up for my son. And I keep continuing to show up. 

    Julie Griffith

    This class came at a time when I was worrying about the choices of others in my family. Every lesson had something in it that I needed to hear and practice. The lessons on Love were a pivotal place in my life. I started to practice loving me and loving and accepting everyone in my family as well as the picture on my wall that I was struggling to look at. My self talk is so much better now and I'm learning to live in my true identity and see others as God sees them.

    Maurie Garr

    I highly recommend Brooke’s Mastering the Art of Showing Up course for anyone who wants to up level their habits to up level their life. By implementing the small and simple suggestions Brooke gave us in each lesson, I was able to see a huge change in my daily productivity. I learned so many new ideas and ways to access my true identity and draw closer to my true source of strength, Jesus Christ. Brooke’s course is a game changer and has truly been a gift in my life.

    Monica Wihongi

    I often felt like I was drowning in all that I was responsible for. Mother to 7 children, wife, running a challenging business, church callings, keeping up a home, trying to be there for my extended family, neighbors and friends. I was constantly on the go, moving to the next most urgent thing, never getting ahead, always feeling like I was behind, never enough. I was tired, overwhelmed, unmotivated, short tempered, worried, even depressed at times. I was studying many self-help guides, reading personal development books, doing all the church “checklist” things, anything to try and give me some sense of peace, strength and motivation. I would find some comfort but soon one more thing would fall on my plate or another life challenge and then I started the negative think cycle again. 

    What I truly love about Brookes’ Mastering the Art of Showing Up program is how tangible it is. It’s real, doable, and you learn line upon line.  I have seen a massive change in myself the past six months as I work with Brooke and learn from her teachings. I especially love how the gospel is tied into it all. That speaks to my soul and hunger for self-improvement. I have learned tools, skills, and trusting the spirit to guide me to know how to react and respond to my life. I have learned to rely and speak to my Savior in all that I do. I am more prepared to take on the challenges that are inevitable and all part of God’s plan for me. 

    My life circumstances haven’t changed, in fact some would say they are harder and more challenging than ever, but how I am facing them is showing up as a person more centered, more thoughtful, more peaceful, less reactionary and definitely more spiritual. Brooke has helped me to find who I really am and I’m so grateful for her life changing programs! 

    "When I signed up I started to second-guess my decision, thinking that I didn’t have enough time to commit and that I should be able to figure my life out without the help of a mentor or class. I decided to cancel my membership. As I was cancelling, I listened to the first few classes and knew I was making a mistake. Brooke’s content is absolutely life changing and exactly what I needed. One of the best decisions I’ve made was rejoining this course! I’ve learned how to change habits, make and keep goals, stay consistent, and align my identity with who I want to be."
    Jessica Murdock
    Do you struggle with perfectionism or an "all or none" mentality towards habits and goals? Learn how Karli overcame those tendencies to experience sustainable and lasting growth. 
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