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 "After I lose weight, I will love myself more."

Have you ever told yourself this? 
If so, how well has it worked?

After years of trying unsuccessfully to lose weight I threw my hands in the air and declared there had to be a better way.

Turns out there is. 
And it was as simple as...
switching the order!

I've been asked by hundreds of people how I lost weight through meditation.

I am finally sharing 
my complete story; including my meditations and lessons that supported me along the way!


I wondered what would happen if I could learn to love myself right where I was...
Could I love my postpartum body of 200+ pounds?
Could this be the missing piece to weighing less?

What followed was an incredible journey that not only took off 60 pounds, but also helped improve my relationships, helped me forgive others, and helped me genuinely love myself and my body.

When we speak of "weighing" less, it's much more than physical.
This program focuses on love so we can weigh less spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as well. 

Teach you about food or fitness. 
Make any get thin fast claims. 

Teach you how to love yourself so you weigh less on every level. 

"I believe love is the missing piece to every weight loss plan on the market right now!"

What's Included...

  • 16 Lessons 
  • ​16 Guided Meditations
  • My Story of how I was able to lose 60 pounds and keep it off for 2 years and counting
  • ​Easy to access course! 

Are you ready to...

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